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What’s Possible with Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting


Transform Your Evening with Stunning Solutions from Linx Outdoors

How are you enjoying your patio and poolside areas once the sun goes down? Transforming your backyard into an enchanting nighttime haven requires more forethought and care than simply adding a few lights here and there. It takes an experienced landscape lighting professional to craft an experience that shines after sunset.

Linx Outdoors specializes in low-voltage landscape lighting, and we do it with an eye for energy efficiency and safety. Electricity isn't something the dabbling DIY-er should work on, which is why we suggest leaving this particular upgrade to the professionals.

Learn more about what's involved in this type of property upgrade below.

What Is Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Low-voltage landscape lighting uses a transformer to reduce your home's standard 120-volt household current to a safer 12 volts. This reduction not only makes it safer, especially in damp outdoor environments, but also more energy-efficient.

Low-voltage systems are typically quicker and easier to install, with less invasive techniques required. Because of that, it's perfectly suited for illuminating pathways, garden beds, and other portions of your home you'd like to showcase without adding overwhelming glare like a standard spotlight or single porch bulb.

Do I Really Need a Professional Installation?

We highly recommend it. Designing an effective lighting configuration is an art form that balances aesthetics with technical expertise. It involves understanding how light intensity, color temperature, and beam spread affect your property's features and layout.

Installing low-voltage lighting might seem straightforward, but it requires careful planning to avoid common pitfalls such as uneven lighting and premature bulb failure. Calculating electrical loads and voltage drops over distance, choosing the correct cables, and properly placing transformers and fixtures are crucial steps a DIY enthusiast is likely not ready to handle. A professionally installed system done efficiently and correctly the first time will reduce the need for frequent adjustments and repairs in the future.

What Types of Outdoor Lights Are Available?

At Linx Outdoors, we employ a variety of lighting techniques to create a layered and inviting look that enhances your home's architectural features, showcases landscaping, adds safety, and highlights seating areas, such as:

  • Uplighting: Positioned at ground level and pointed up, dramatize trees, sculptures, and architectural details with shadows and depth.
  • Downlighting and Moonlighting: Opposite of uplighting, illuminates patios and decks from above to enhance usability.
  • Silhouetting: Placed behind objects, it creates striking outlines against a backdrop for visual interest.
  • Cross Lighting: Placed on either side of an object to eliminate shadows and highlight desired focal points evenly.
  • Accent Lighting: Direct lighting toward the tops of flower beds, toward fountains, or under patio eaves to accentuate textures and other features.
  • Hardscape Lighting: Draw the eye toward paths, steps, retaining walls, and seating areas. 

What Does Outdoor Property Lighting Do?

You may be wondering why adding additional lighting to your property is necessary. At Linx Outdoors, we use lighting to elevate the natural beauty of outdoor spaces while adding safety, too. Here are just a few areas where we can incorporate low-voltage fixtures so that you can enjoy your property long after the sun sets:

  • Architectural Details
  • Driveways
  • Entries
  • Gardens and Flower Beds
  • Grills and Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pathways
  • Trees
  • Water Features

We're The Outdoor Lighting & Hardscape Expert in Indianapolis

We use only high-quality materials from trusted outdoor brands like WAC and Lumien and tailor each installation with aesthetics and practicality in mind. In addition to low-voltage lighting, Linx Outdoors also offers hardscaping solutions, so our projects not only illuminate but also inspire!

Contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of your page to discover how our bespoke solutions can illuminate your world.

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