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Creating an Oasis with Outdoor Light Fixtures


Enhancing the Functionality, Aesthetics, and Safety of Your Outdoor Areas As human beings, we tend to overlook the things we've grown accustomed to. We drive down the same street a thousand times and never notice the purple coneflowers and columbines. After the sun sets, we may catch sight of a light or two, but nothing that really draws our attent...

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Hardscape Contractor?


Creating Stunning Outdoor Areas for Enhanced Enjoyment The past few years have prompted many homeowners to take a good long look at their surroundings. Forbes named 2021 the Year of the Yard as more homeowners looked to extend their footprint, enhance their outdoor spaces, and transform once backyards into the oasis of their dreams. So, what does i...

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What’s Possible with Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting


Transform Your Evening with Stunning Solutions from Linx Outdoors

How are you enjoying your patio and poolside areas once the sun goes down? Transforming your backyard into an enchanting nighttime haven requires more forethought and care than simply adding a few lights here and there. It takes an experienced landscape lighting professional to craft an experience that shines after sunset.

Linx Outdoors specializes in low-voltage landscape lighting, and we do it with an eye for energy efficiency and safety. Electricity isn't something the dabbling DIY-er should work on, which is why we suggest leaving this particular upgrade to the professionals.

Learn more about what's involved in this type of property upgrade below.

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